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Tom and Jerry - Strawberry Parfait Snow Globe

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What a huge cup of strawberry parfait!

Jerry and Tuffy can not resist the temptation of dessert and both quickly climbed to the top of the cup. Look, red strawberries, pink cherries, and delicious cream and egg rolls…they must hurry to enjoy it before it melted away!
Jerry held a spoon in one hand, a cherry stalk in the other, tongue licking his mouth, ready to have a big meal. Even his little head is covered with cream! And Tuffy put his hands over his mouth and seem to be amused by Jerry’s funny looks or to savor the sweetness of the cream.

This snow globe is uniquely shaped in the cup body, with colored balls and small sequins inside in the same hue as the parfait itself. When you slightly shake the snow globe, you will see a fantastic sight!

Expected Product Dimesion : 14cm(W) x 14cm(D) x 20.5cm(H)
Material: Resin