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Tom and Jerry - Candy Snow Globe

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A lifetime supply of candies may be the dream of every mouse, especially for Tuffy who has a really big appetite!
Jerry took Tuffy into the dream world of candy piles, finally making his dream come true!
Tuffy opened his arms with a happy smile on his face, with his eyes fixed on the candy in Jerry's hands, looking very hungry. Jerry held a large candy and hesitated as if to say: should I give such a delicious candy to Tuffy or help myself with the first bite?
Under the feet of the two cute little mice is rainbow-color candies. And Jerry and Tuffy’s names are playfully written on the yellow and purple candy cup. After a gentle shake, you will find the shining sequins inside slowly falling, as if the rain of candies, which makes you feel sweet to heart.

Expected Product Dimesion : 11cm(W) x 11cm(D) x 15cm(H)
Material: Resin, Glass, Water