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METAL BUILD 10th Anniversary TRANS-AM RAISER Full Particle ver.

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以『MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM OO』為起點的METAL BUILD ,TRANS-AM RAISER是最適合作為迎合10周年的商品。機體的上色以高輸出GN粒子開啟狀態的形象重新改裝登場。
另外還附有高輸出GN SwordⅡ&Ⅲ的專用效果配件。


 商品內容  ・OOGundam本體
 ・GN盾 x 2
 ・GN劍Ⅱ x 2
 ・GN鐳射劍 x 2
 ・鐳射刃 x 2
 ・可動形式粒子貯存槽 x 2
 ・可動形式GN動力裝置 x 2
 ・側推進裝置 x 2
 ・展示用台座(OO Gundam用)一套
 ・GN劍Ⅱ效果配件 x 2

 主要材料  ABS,PVC,Diecast
 商品體積  全高:約180mm
 對象年齡  15歲~


METAL BUILD brings you Trans-Am Raiser as a TAMASHII NATION ONLINE 2021 Commemorative Product to celebrate the brand’s 10th anniversary.
METAL BUILD started out with “Mobile Suit Gundam 00,” making Trans-Am Raiser the perfect unit for celebrating the brand’s anniversary. Trans-Am Raiser has been renewed here with a color specification envisaging the unit emitting GN particles at a high rate.
Also included are exclusive effects for the high-output GN Swords II & III.


 Product Description  ・Double-O Gundam main body
 ・O-Raiser main body
 ・Exchangeable hand left/right x 4
 ・GN Shield x 2
 ・GN Sword II x 2
 ・GN Sword III
 ・GN Sword connecting parts
 ・GN Beam Saber x 2
 ・Beam blade x 2
 ・Movable particle storage tank x 2
 ・Movable GN Drive x 2
 ・Exchangeable canopy
 ・Side Binder x 2
 ・Display stand set (for Double-O Gundam)
 ・Display stand set (for O-Raiser)
 ・Auxiliary support pillar set
 ・GN Sword II effect x 2
 ・GN Sword II effect

 Product Material   ABS, PVC, Diecast
 Product Size  Height: approx 180mm
 Target Age  For ages 15 and over.
 Please read before purchasing: 
 *May differ slightly from actual product.
 *Slight variations between each piece may occur in external appearances such as
 *The product specifications and shipping date may change without prior notification.
 *Orders may be completed once the prescribed number is completed.
  Also, repeat orders may be received for items requested in large amounts.

 Please read and acknowledge the above.