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TOYZEROPLUS LuLu The Piggy The Original 2nd Serieski

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LuLu the Piggies who came out of the can discovered this colorful world ~
They were simply out of control, walking around with no reason (= ́🐽`) They
were decisively attracted by the outside world !Who is going to adopt them?
When the delicious and sweet chocolate sauce is mixed with LuLu... this kind
of flavor combination really makes me want to bite him off ~ with the crispy
ice cream cone... It is simply the enjoyment of the taste!

午餐肉們!在不在?出來談個戀愛! 對世界充滿好奇的一群新鮮好豬已備妥,罐頭豬「經典系列盲盒 第二代」會帶來什麼樣的驚喜呢? 探頭而出的LuLu豬們發現了這個花花世界後 ~簡直是一發不可收 拾,到處亂走 (= ́🐽`)好奇心爆棚的豬豬們果斷被外面的世界吸 引著!誰要來領養走?
LuLu經典系列第二代抓著第一代的尾巴,繼續是在罐 罐中跑出的豬豬!第二代有更多不同的可愛萌態,這次的罐裝 限定更是可以玩層層疊喔!