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Looney Tunes - Gelato Tweety Blind Box Series

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Look so good, look so sweet, Gelatos come chillin' chillin'~!
Hey, why is there a little bird blinking with big blue eyes peeking out?
It’s our Looney Tunes star Tweety hiding in the Gelato!
Tweety's expression is so amusing that may make you wonder if he has some brilliant ideas again! There is a perfect combination of Tweety and the Gelato design, each layer of the Gelato is rich in texture detail as if it will melt away anytime, hurry up and have a lick on it?
Every Gelato is sealed on purpose to make sure that no one will know what design it is before it is unsealed! Chocolate, Mint Chocolate, Strawberry, Rainbow ...4 design + 1 hidden edition(Secret Flavor!), which one will be your favorite? Don't be so quick to answer, think about it twice! Because each one offers a unique fragrance!
Every Gelato comes with a matching stand for its design. You can display it with the stand, or just hold Gelato Tweety in your hand and take some cute pictures!

Expected Product Dimesion : 24cm(H)
Material: Acrylics, Vinyl