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星期一的布魯斯盲盒公仔第2彈 (下班後的小酌)MONDAY BRUCE BLIND BOX SERIES 2 (After-Work Drinks)

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一天忙碌的工作終於完成! (實際上還有很多工作未做完,明天再說吧(笑))

終於捱到下班的布魯斯, 帶著沒有靈魂的軀殼, 跟平常一樣來到了”胖達居酒屋”,吃最愛的蘿蔔拉麵當然不小得好好的喝一杯 (真是一杯嗎?)好爽呀!

一日最開心的時光過得很快…明天還要上班呢... 要請假嗎… (內心在極度掙扎中)

• 每盒皆有一隻絨毛的布魯斯+ 各種小配件
• 高度:約8cm
• 1Box = 6 pcs
• 全6款 + 1款隱藏版
• *包裝盒可以改變成小場景
• *此商品為盲盒包裝,隨機出貨,有機會拿到重複的款式。

A busy day of work is finally done! (Actually, there is still a lot of work to be done, will leave it for tomorrow LOL)

Bruce finally got off work, and with his soul-less body, he went to "Panda Izakaya" as usual to have his favorite radish ramen, and of course, he had to have a one good drink (is it really one drink?). Bruce was so happy!

The happiest time of the day passed quickly... and still need to go to work tomorrow... or taking a sick leave ? (Bruce is Struggling already)