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LuLu the Piggy Octopus Card with Hanging Plush 成人八達通套裝

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LuLu The Piggy成人八達通套裝


LuLu The Piggy成人八達通套裝*一共有兩款,入面除咗有絨毛吊飾,仲有張LuLu豬形狀嘅八達通,收藏值同可愛值都爆燈!想單用張八達通又得,加埋吊飾一齊用都得!每款售價$188 (不設按金及儲值額),各位LuLu豬迷帶佢返屋企喇!

*LuLu The Piggy成人八達通套裝為「特許八達通產品

LuLu The Piggy Adult Octopus Card Set

LuLu The Piggy loves to dress up and make everyone happy. This time, LuLu has transformed into a winter scarf and peach-shaped plush, paired with an Octopus Card, to accompany you on your daily outings and shopping trips. As soon as you see LuLu, your heart will melt with sweetness.

LuLu The Piggy Adult Octopus Card Set comes in two styles, each including a plush and an Octopus card in the shape of LuLu The Piggy. They are both highly collectible and adorable! You can choose to use just the Octopus card or use it together with the plush. Each set is priced at $188 (no deposit or stored value included).
*LuLu The Piggy Adult Octopus Card Set is a licensed product of Octopus Card Limited.

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